Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So, is there anyone besides me who is “over 29” that occasionally wonders if early-onset Alzheimer’s has set in?

If you are a writer, like me, you probably carry a tablet around with your ideas, lists, To Do's, etc.  I try to organize my work and my thoughts in categories, and that is why --- about a month ago --- I took my shopping list to the store on an index card, checking off items as I found them.    When ready to make my next trip, I reviewed my previous list to see what I’d missed and there is was:

                                                            B L U N G

BLUNG?  WTH did that mean?  I had a creeping, uneasy feeling.  Somehow, I had written down a word that had no meaning.  I stressed over this for days.  Whined to my friends.  Asked for prayer.  But no one could help me figure out why “BLUNG” was on my shopping list.

The weeks passed, and I still couldn’t figure out what BLUNG meant to me.  When I was ready to start a new list, I went through the house to see what I needed, and noticed I was short one toilet bowl cleaning tab, which I often refer to as “bluing.”  So, that was it!  My writing was so messy that the “N” was written on top of the “I.”

That brings me to another question.  Has anyone else who is “over 29” become such a sloppy printer that you can’t read you own writing?  I’m not trying to solicit confessions.  I just hope I’m not the only one...